Cyber Intelligence Platform

Cyber Intelligence Platform

About us

CyIntel was incorporated in Cyprus in 2015, and is privately owned. The company brings together experts in web intelligence, big data technologies, and machine learnings to create a best-of-breed Cyber Intelligence Platform.

CyIntel’s Cyber Intelligence Platform allows users to study topics of interest in depth. Such topics could be as narrow as a single person or as wide as a political campaign.

The system can then help identify relevant sources, threat actors, as well as identify trends and anomalies. Link analysis is used to identify interconnections and conduct visual investigations.

The system makes intensive use of avatars (or cyber-sock-puppets) to connect to threat actors, collect information from closed groups and forums, and to post, like, share or comment on different platforms to actively promote causes online. This can be used either as means to an end or to gain trust of threat actors. Our solutions provide a unified, WEBINT-driven platform for effective threat detection and response, synergizing information collected from disparate sources such as open web, deep web, darknet, mobile chats, and customer provided information such as call data records (CDR) or internal databases.

Our Solution

We drill deeper into that profile to find more connections and identify new leads, using Web Intelligence (WEBINT), but also using other data sources where available.

  • Full suite of WEBINT tools, including powerful crawlers, access to darknet and closed groups, and frequent updates
  • Fusing together structured and unstructured data
  • Analyse data from different perspectives: Map (spatial), Graph (relationships), Time, Text
  • Customised Dashboards and Reports
  • Highly secure systems